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Day 1 - Water Everywhere! 
Premier Event
9:50 am Welcome Video
10 am Welcome 
Land Acknowledgment
Orientation for the day - trivia question, answer in the chat
10:15 All the Water in the World
10:22 Activity: Solid, Liquid, Gases
10:25 Activity: Make it Rain
10:30 Get up and stretch - I'm a little rain drop
10:32 Hiking the Grand River watershed
10:40 Activity: Water Girl, water-saving tips
10:48 Activity: Water Ours to Protect
10:55 Career Corner: Meet Eric from the Region of Waterloo, Water Service
11:05  Water Story: Nibi's Water Song
11:15 Water Song: Sean McCammon

(times approx.) For all the Water in the World, have students put together
the Bead Activity kit 

Additional Teacher Resources: 
All the Water in the World          

Video: All the Water in the World (WWCGF)

Video: Solid, Liquid, Gas (WWCGF)

Activity: All the water Bead Bracelet (WWCGF)

Video: The basics of freshwater (Crash Course Kids)

Activity: Water Bingo (Region of Waterloo)

 Make it Rain 

Video: Rain Recipe (WWCGF)

Infographic: water cycle (Kids Discover)
 Water Conservation 

Video: Waste Watchers (WWCGF)

Video: Detecting Water Leaks (Kitchener Utilities)

Activity: Home water audit (City of Guelph)

Poster: Conservation House (Region of Waterloo)

Infographic: Home water consumption tips (Region of Waterloo)

 Water Protection 

Video: Drinking Water Source Protection (Conservation Ontario)

Video: Stormwater protection and Yellow Fish Road (Trout Unlimited Canada)

Infographic: impacts of salt (Region of Waterloo)

Video: Drinking nasty swamp water to save the world (Mark Rober)

Video: Thomas & Friends on Clean Water & Sanitation (United Nations)
 Water Careers

Website: Work for Water (AWWA)

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