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Day 3 - Groundwater, a hidden treasure
Premier Event 
9:50 am Welcome video
10:00 Welcome 
Land Acknowledgment
Orientation for the day - first trivia question, answer in the chat
10:15 Activity: Introduction to groundwater
10:20 Activity: AQ: Amazing Aquifer
10:30 Acitivity: Make your own groundwater aquifer
10:35 Activity: What is a well
10:50 Activity: Water testing
11:00 Career Corner - meet Andrea from the City of Waterloo
11:10 Story Time - Wally & Deanna's Groundwater Adventure
​11:20 Water Song
Additional Teacher Resources:

Introduction to groundwater   

Infographic: groundwater aquifer (Region of Waterloo)

Colouring page: groundwater (Region of Waterloo)

 Make you own aquifer

Video: Edible Aquifer (WWCGF)

Video: make your own aquifer (Groundwater Foundation)
AQ: Amazing AquiferVideo: Travelling Underground with Water (WWCGF)
What is a well

Video: How do water wells work? (Concerning Reality)

Career CornerWebsite: Work for Water (AWWA)
Story TimeVideo: Wally and Deanna’ Groundwater Adventure (University of Waterloo)
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